Calls On Supporters To Volunteer At Early Voting & Election Sites

       Tim Rallies Volunteers Going Door To Door

You know what it’s like to have Debbie Wasserman Schultz as your representative in Congress. You know there are a great many reasons to vote her out of office. You know how unpopular she is with your friends and neighbors in our district. And yet still she has all the advantages of a corrupt incumbent, protected by party insiders and huge corporate interests, including the increasingly concentrated corporate-owned media.

How do we defeat Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Quite simply, by “We the People Power!”

                  Tim meeting with voters in Plantation 

Ours is a grassroots campaign. People from all over the country have sustained our campaign with their small donations for the past 34 months. During that time, I have never taken a penny from any corporate interest. Wasserman Schultz has taken millions of dollars from predatory corporate interests during that same period. Now we need the kind of help that only those like you, who reside in our district or nearby, can provide.

I need your help to win. Not your money. I need your time and commitment over the next two weeks. We need an army of supporters to surround a dozen early voting sites and some 200 precincts on Election Day. We need to engage with the voters, to let them know they have a choice before they cast their ballots. The voters need to know we can win! And I am convinced, if we can mobilize our fellow citizens, we will win. Please sign up here to be a foot soldier with me in our Army of Advocates. Please help recruit others to join in this effort.

Some 34 months ago, I left the relatively stress-free life of a tenured law professor to challenge Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She was the high and mighty head of the Democratic National Committee, who was literally bullying all of us in the presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders. I stepped up to do something about it. The DNC Wikileaks shows she used DNC resources to undermine and attack my campaign, all while running away from debates.

Over the past 34 months, I turned my life upside down, ran a tough campaign and then brought a lawsuit demanding to inspect the ballots cast by all of you in our 2016 primary. I won the lawsuit, revealing the illegal destruction of your ballots by Brenda Snipes, the Broward Supervisor of Elections, a corrupt crony of Wasserman Schultz.

After the Democrats covered up their rigging, I decided to run as an independent, uncorrupted by either party establishment.There’s only 23% registered Republicans in our district, and the number of independents are quickly approaching the number of Democrats. If an independent can win anywhere in this country, it is right here, right now!

We are now on the verge of a historic win for all of us, for We the People of our 23rd congressional district. But we need your help, this election is not about me. If I should lose, fairly or not, I will return to the relatively stress-free life of a law professor once again. This election is about all of you, about what kind of Florida it will be for you and your families in the future.Will our generation get a New Deal, will there be jobs and education and healthcare for all who want to work? Will our oceans survive, will we have clean drinking water? Will the ugly divisions in our society based on race, religion, gender, and politics get worse? Will we once again have integrity in our elections and hold our public officials accountable for their actions?

I am not in this race for personal gain. I seek only to be the means through which you and the people of our district may realize your ideals and hopes for a better life.

This is a people’s grassroots campaign and we need you to step up and help our campaign.Our communities, our children, parents, and neighbors all need you to step up and help our campaign. And future generations, in ways we can only imagine, all need us to step up and take action now!

Please sign up here to volunteer your time and join our Army of Advocates outside all the early voting and Election Day sites. We need you to recruit your sons and daughters, your parents, your neighbors and fellow citizens in the public squares and markets, your schools and workplaces.

       Volunteers Checking In To Canvas Neighborhoods

We have worked hard for 34 months to put us in position to defeat Debbie Wasserman Schultz on November 6th. We have knocked on so many doors, stood up for what is right so many times. We have worked hard to make sure the upcomming election will not rigged. Some of the nation’s leading election experts and election recount lawyers are watching our election closely. We are determined to prevent or detect any election rigging by election officials who have shown themselves to be unworthy of our trust. We are in position to win, but now we need your help, we need your time, we need your voice.

In accepting his party’s nomination for president in 1932, Franklin Roosevelt spoke about the wild radicalism that was then threatening a country in Depression. He said, “To meet by reaction that danger of radicalism is to invite disaster. Reaction is no barrier to the radical. It is a challenge, a provocation. The way to meet that danger is to offer a workable program of reconstruction, and the party to offer it is the party with clean hands.”

We know that Debbie Wasserman Schultz does not have clean hands. Her hands have been soiled by the dirty money of so many predatory corporate interests, from payday loan sharks to fossil fuels, from private prisons to Big Sugar and big factory farms polluting our waterways, from Wall Street banks to countless speculators waiting to privatize our highways, our water and sewage facilities, our schools, and our voting machines. Wasserman Schultz is the epitome of corporate plunder, another kind of extremism and radicalism that both Roosevelts fought against.

Our highest ideal must be the restoration of our democracy. That will require civility and reasoned discussion in our public debates and halls of government. It will require integrity in our politics and our elections. It will require commitment and sacrifice by We the People of Florida’s 23rd Congressional district over the next two weeks.

I humbly ask for your support and for you to give generously of your time, your energy, and your voice from now until Election Day.

Sincerely and in solidarity,

Tim Canova