Dear Friends,

There’s only one week until Election Day!  We have defied all the odds and we are now well positioned to defeat Debbie Wasserman Schultz!

The Floridian Press, a Republican news outlet, has recognized that the Republican candidate has no chance of winning, and will not even take second place in this three-way race. We already had a huge base of support among Democrats and independents, but now Republican voters are flocking to us!

But to make this happen, we have a lot of bills to pay, including for campaign staff, canvassers and volunteers, campaign literature, stamps, envelopes and printer cartridges.

Unlike my opponents, we do not take a penny from any PACs. Wasserman Schultz has taken millions of dollars in this and previous election cycles, including from some of the most predatory corporate interests:  Wall Street banks, payday loan sharks, giant private prison companies, Big Pharma, private health insurers, Big Sugar, big agribusinesses, and fossil fuel companies. Her average donation is over $500, mine is about $20.

I have put most of my life savings into this campaign, more than $60,000. I’m not a professional politician, I’m not making money on this campaign. Quite the opposite. I have been willing to make the personal sacrifices needed to defeat Wasserman Schultz and turn the page to a new kind of politics.

I need your help now! Please click here and donate whatever you can. With only a week left in this campaign, now is the time!

Thank you. I am forever grateful for all your help!