GOP Poll May Have Wasserman Schultz And Canova Tied


by Javier Manjarres | The Floridian | Link to Article

Election day is right around the corner and there is indication that Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) could lose her bid for a 7th term in office.

As we previously mentioned, Wasserman Schultz is facing the toughest challenge of her political career, as the Weston resident takes on a spirited challenge from Democrat-turned-Independent Tim Canova, and Republican Joe Kaufman.

The vote will be split, but will the split be enough to unseat Wasserman Schultz?

No official polls have been conducted in the race, but some Republicans sources say that a Republican candidate or donor (they wouldn’t mention who) commissioned a poll last month that showed Canova and Wasserman Schultz tied at 34% among likely voters, with Kaufman trailing at 13%.

We can’t say much for this ‘anonymous’ poll, other than the results are hearsay, but Broward County Democrats are going out in record numbers to vote this midterm election, and that could help either Canova or Wasserman Schultz.

Again, if Canova pulls a decent number of Democrats and Democrat-leaning Independents away from Wasserman Schultz, he wins. Canova also seems to be taking away from Kaufman

Kaufman, who lost by 20 points to Wasserman Schultz in the 2016 general election, needs to get Republicans to come out for him and hope that Canova pulls a Democratic coup de etat, if he has any chance of winning.

Kaufman’s “it takes a Kaufman to beat a Wasserman Schultz” mentality is a proven failure, so he needs to get creative.

Canova is the wild card this race, but Wasserman Schultz is Wasserman Schultz, and regardless of her missteps or political baggage, she still commands big support from her constituents.

Canova is a strong candidate; Joe Kaufman is not.

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