With Everlasting Appreciation And A Personal Appeal From Tim

Tim with campaign staff and volunteers on Election night

In the final weeks of our race against Debbie Wasserman Schultz, our campaign exploded with energy. We had hundreds of people stepping up to volunteer, canvassing door-to-door and at early voting and Election Day voting sites, making phone calls, and stuffing envelopes. There were massive social media and text messaging programs. A Republican poll had us in a dead heat with Wasserman Schultz and wherever we were on the ground, we saw voters breaking our way. Wherever we were on the ground, and across the political spectrum, we saw voters breaking our way and openly rejecting Wasserman Schultz.

A great many people were therefore surprised to hear that official election results had us in single digits, with Wasserman Schultz getting something like 58% of the vote. To say the least, I do not find the results credible.

From the beginning, we knew that Wasserman Schultz would try to rig the election. What’s remarkable is how open and blatant the rigging is now. They destroyed the ballots in our 2016 primary without any criminal prosecutions. The results they rigged in yesterday’s election were simply ludicrous. But with a compliant media, there’s no real scrutiny. Along with election experts and recount lawyers, we are now considering our options.

It’s incredibly disappointing to me, and I’m sure to all of you, that we live in a country where it’s impossible to have any real faith or confidence in the election results. In fact, Wasserman Schultz campaigned openly a week before the election alongside Brenda Snipes, the very Broward Elections Supervisor who illegally destroyed all of the ballots in our 2016 primary and who I have been calling on the law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute. Snipes and her private software vendors have the means, motive and opportunity to rig the software of the electronic voting machines, including the scanning and tabulation machines. And under the law, none of us are permitted to inspect such software, which is considered the private property of the software vendors hired by Snipes.

We also have no confidence in the chain-of-custody or authenticity of the paper ballots that are shipped to the Supervisor’s warehouse. Quite simply, without hand counting of paper ballots in public at the polling sites, our elections are not transparent or verifiable. There is no rational reason to trust the election results here in Broward County, where the elections office is literally a criminal enterprise acting with impunity. Yesterday’s election results are simply not credible.

For the past three years, I have poured my heart and soul and most of my savings into this fight for democracy and the rule of law. Now, with the election behind us, it’s time to wind-down the campaign and retire campaign debt. I’m sorry to report that the campaign incurred some tens of thousands of dollars in debt in the final push. I am now writing to ask for donations to help retire the debt. Please click here to help us in this difficult time.Contributions will be designated to retire debt from this 2018 campaign.

To our recurring contributors, if you wish to stop your recurring donation, please email Farbod@TimCanova.com.

I am grateful for all your steadfast support. It’s been thanks to all of you that we were able to wage two spirited campaigns against one of the most corrupt political machines in the country. In so doing, we stripped the bark off the tree, revealed Wasserman Schultz’s dirty record of fundraising and corporate pandering, and the truly corrupt nature of our campaign finance and elections systems. In the process, we woke up and inspired millions of people around the country.

I will keep you posted about any possible recount of yesterday’s election results. I have been in hot pursuit of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her corrupt machine for the past 34 months. It has been a time of sacrifice and bold action. It is now time to start recovering from the battle fatigue of this protracted struggle. Although I will soon return to teaching, rest assured that the Ivory Tower will not keep me far from the public forum and the issues that matter to us all.

So many have sustained my spirits with prayers and well wishes. My hopes and thoughts are with all of you.