Brenda Snipes Committed Felonies And I Proved It In Court



I called for her criminal prosecution, nothing was done. Without any punishment for Snipes, I warned she would rig our 2018 election and other elections by rigging the software and throwing out ballots again. On Election night she got her revenge, reported a vote total for me that doesn’t pass the smell test. The only folks who believe this are those who are paid to believe it.


The recent election in Broward should be invalidated and both parties know it. But with perhaps a hundred million dollars in legal fees at stake, the lawyers will be committed to arguing for or against recounts of paper ballots, depending on who wins the machine recounts.

What’s needed to restore confidence is not a recount of tainted ballots, but a revote with 100% hand marked paper ballots counted by hand in public by the good citizens of Broward County, not by walking felons. 


Many people have asked how they can help. Here’s a message I sent to our supporters.

Thank you.