The Miami Herald reports that Brenda Snipes says she wants to stay in office through the 2020 primaries and election. This is a disgrace. Snipes says she’s accomplished her mission of providing a “credible product” for Broward County. We beg to differ. Snipes should be suspended and removed from office as soon as possible, and her entire operation replaced to root out the corruption obviously swirling around her. There needs to be criminal prosecution of Snipes and her director Dozel Spencer for illegally destroying ballots, obstructing investigations, and tampering with evidence. And that’s just from our 2016 primary against Snipes’ crony and ally Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


Wassermann Schultz and Snipes campaigning together in October 2018.


‘It is time to move on’: Brenda Snipes talks leaving elections post in Broward County