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REMATCH: Tim Canova for Congress vs. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Vote November 6th, 2018


REMATCH: Tim Canova for Congress vs. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Vote November 6th, 2018


After Tim reportedly lost to Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the August 30, 2016 Democratic Primary, he repeatedly asked to inspect the ballots. After being stonewalled for months, Tim sued and with the suit pending, the Broward Elections Supervisor destroyed all the ballots cast, which she admits to in this videotaped deposition.

A judge agreed with Tim and issued a summary judgment against the Elections Supervisor. Watch Tim’s speech before an election integrity forum where he describes the case and why he’s challenging Wasserman Schultz again, this time as an independent No Party Affiliation candidate.

“He has vowed to run a campaign based on small-donor support, calling Wasserman Schultz ‘the quintessential corporate machine politician.”

Meet Tim Canova

“He has worked with former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson against the drug war and private prisons; worked with the Sanders campaigns of the past; and was a former aide to the late Sen. Paul Tsongas. He is an outspoken advocate of the Ron Paul/Alan Grayson-sponsored Audit the Fed bill, and a vehement opponent of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.”



Tim Canova Calls For a Revote

What’s needed to restore confidence is a revote with 100% hand marked paper ballots counted by hand in public by the good citizens of Broward County.

Video: Broward Elections Worker Blocks Our View Of Ballots

What were they hiding? Another video we need investigated by all levels of law enforcement.

Help Us Continue Our Fight For Election Integrity

Tim’s message: “Our supporters have been working tirelessly while the media, both political parties and every level of law enforcement have been asleep on the issue.”

Florida Activists To Sue State Over Ballot Image Preservation

“Nearly two-thirds of Florida counties failed to save ballot images during this week’s midterm election.”

My Op-Ed: I Warned Gov. Scott About Broward’s Election Swamp

“None of our law enforcement agencies were interested in starting criminal investigations. Unfortunately, nobody seems to care about election rigging until it happens to them.”

Editorial: Broward Voters Deserved Better From Snipes – She Should Go

“She’s simply incompetent. She has a track record of mistakes and failing to own up to them.”

Gov. Rick Scott Sues Broward Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes

Snipes was found guilty of illegally destroying all the paper ballots in Tim’s election against Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Election Post-Mortem

A personal appeal from Tim, with everlasting appreciation.

Caught On Video: Ballots Transported In Private Vehicles

This violates all chain of custody requirements for paper ballots. Investigate now!

Tim’s Comments On Election Night

“For many reasons, tonight’s results are impossible to believe. As a result, we are considering our options.”

VIDEO: “We Won’t Back Down”

Watch Tim and Tom Petty inspire us while running on the Hollywood Boardwalk.


What Will They Think of Us? Near the end of his first administration, President Franklin D. Roosevelt asked Americans to consider how our descendants would think about us in the future.  “Let us hope,” he said, that they at least will “give us the benefit of the...

VIDEO: Toxic Tour Caused By Wasserman Schultz And Her Big Sugar Donors

Tim takes us back on A TOXIC TOUR to see the environmental damage caused by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her big sugar donors.

VIDEO: They’re Back! Wasserman Schultz Campaigns With Disgraced Elections Supervisor

We’re in a dead heat. No wonder why Wasserman Schultz is campaigning with the disgraced Broward Elections Supervisor Brendan Snipes, who illegally destroyed all the paper ballots in our 2016 primary.

Report: GOP poll may have Wasserman Schultz and Canova tied

“Canova and Wasserman Schultz tied at 34% among likely voters, with Kaufman trailing at 13%.”

An Open Letter to Our Community

The pipe bomb scare to the massacre at the Tree of Life L’Simchah Synagogue

One Week Left: Tim’s Personal Appeal

We are well positioned to defeat Debbie Wasserman Schultz and I need your help now!

Arrogance & Contempt: Wasserman Schultz & Brenda Snipes Campaign Together!

Wasserman Schultz should be investigating and not posing for photos with the Elections Supervisor who illegally destroyed our ballots.


Wasserman Schultz and Kauffman refuse to debate. “Our campaign is fighting against: cowards who do not believe in democracy.”

MOVIE: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Corruption EXPOSED!

Watch this short movie detailing the world of corruption involving Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Miami Herald Op-Ed: Why I’m Challenging Wasserman Schultz As An Independent

“When Democratic Party officials in Florida refused to join my call for an investigation into Broward’s ballot destruction, that was finally enough.”

Video Gallery- Tim’s Speeches, Interviews, and Campaign Ads

Watch Tim’s speeches, interviews, and campaign ads for his Independent run for Congress.

Tim Canova Accepts 2 Debates- Debbie Dodges Debates AGAIN

Canova accepts debate invitations without any pre-conditions from Broward College and March For Our Lives.

Report: Canova Is One Of South Florida Congressional Candidates Who Supports Universal Health Care

Tim Canova has called health care “a universal human right” and supports the creation of a Medicare-for-all, single-payer health system.

Tim Canova’s Personal Appeal To Volunteers

“I need your help to win. Not your money. I need your time and commitment over the next two weeks.”

Wasserman Schultz In The Hot Seat, Could Face Historic Loss

Tim Canova “has a great shot of winning”

Canova vs. DWS: Seven Stark Differences On The Environment

On issue after all, Tim Canova is the clear choice over Debbie Wasserman Schultz to clean up and protect our environment.

Tim Canova Wins Environmental Endorsements

Canova vs. Wasserman Schultz Who Accepts A Ton Of Money From Big Water Polluters

Volunteer Postcard Push For Canova

No matter where you live, you can easily support Tim Canova’s Independent campaign to defeat Wasserman Schultz.

Startling ACLU Report: Higher Rejection Rate For Mail-in Ballots

Vote-by-mail ballots cast in the 2012 and 2016 general election had a higher rejection rate than votes cast at assigned precincts on Election Day and at early voting sites.

Election Activists: What Has Gone Wrong In Broward County?

“The most prominent case of something running afoul in recent years was during a contested 2016 primary for Florida’s 23rd Congressional District.”

Tim Canova Speaks Out On Election Integrity

Tim spoke at the Audit USA forum in Hollywood, Florida about the illegal ballot destruction in his 2016 Democratic Primary and the importance of election integrity in his 2018 campaign.

(VIDEO) Tim Canova Rallies Volunteers

Tim rallies his army of volunteers before knocking on doors in Weston.

This is What Political Corruption Looks Like in Florida

Big Sugar has contributed more than $50 million to Republican and Democratic parties and candidates in Florida — including Debbie Wasserman Schultz, one of the ringleaders.

Wasserman Schultz Re-Election Bid Fueled By Half-Million-Dollar Investment From Super PAC with Ties to Sugar, Fossil Fuel Industries

Hollywood, FL –  Only weeks after she was forced to resign as chair of the Democratic National Committee, incumbent Debbie Wasserman Schultz enlisted the help of her powerful friends in Florida’s sugar industry and that of a hedge-fund manager with extensive ties to...

Canova Successfully Promotes His Vision, Makes Compelling Case Against Debbie Wasserman Schultz in First Primary Debate

Hollywood, FL – In a one-hour debate broadcast this morning over WFOR CBS 4 and moderated by Jim DeFede, Democratic Congressional candidate Tim Canova successfully laid out his optimistic, progressive vision for District 23 while contrasting it with incumbent Debbie...

BREAKING: Wasserman Schultz Denies Role in Ballot Destruction

Should we believe Wasserman Schultz’s denials of any role in the decision to destroy the ballots?

Who’s the Real “Spoiler” in Our Race Against Wasserman Schultz?

It shows how worried the Schultz camp is that they can’t possibly win in a three-way race.

The Election Justice & Integrity Petition

WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are waking up and we are resolved to restore a true system of representative democracy.

Tim Responds to Sun Sentinel Editorial on Brenda Snipes’ Credibility

The Sun Sentinel lamely points out that Snipes has not been charged with any crime — at least not yet — to try to justify her remaining in office, making $177,628 a year, until 2020

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