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What Will They Think of Us?

Near the end of his first administration, President Franklin D. Roosevelt asked Americans to consider how our descendants would think about us in the future.  “Let us hope,” he said, that they at least will “give us the benefit of the doubt, that they will believe we have honestly striven every day and generation to preserve for our descendants a decent land to live in and a decent form of government to operate under.”

It is a question worth asking today.

Since Roosevelt, the advent and spread of nuclear weapons has posed a threat to future generations.  More recently, changes in climate and the earth’s ecosystem may pose similar threats to life on earth.

Roosevelt’s answer to this question provides a yardstick for our efforts today.

As thoughtful and responsible citizens of this great country, we should settle for no less – “a decent land to live in and a decent form of government to operate under.”

Stay tuned for additional forthcoming issue statements.

Restoring Our Democracy and Campaign Finance Reform
Reversing Income and Wealth Inequality
Addressing Climate Change and Protecting South Florida’s Environment
Ending the War on Drugs
Regulating Payday Lending and Stopping the Vicious Cycle of Debt
U.S. Support of Israel and Leadership for Peace and Human Rights in the Middle East
Sensible, Humane, and Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Ending For-profit Prisons and the Era of Mass Incarceration
Making Higher Education Affordable for all Americans
Preserving a Woman’s Right to Choose and Fighting for Equal Pay for Equal Work
Ensuring Equality for our LGBTQ Brothers and Sisters
Protecting and Expanding Social Security
Universal Health Care and Medicare for All
Empowering and Respecting Tribal Nations
Federal Reserve Reform

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