Our election system is increasingly closed off to the voting public itself and becoming effectively privatized through the use of electronic voting machines and “proprietary” software. Voter suppression, gerrymandering, hacking and software manipulation, illegal destruction of paper ballots. It’s no wonder so many people are losing faith and confidence in the integrity of our elections. We are watching our democracy die before our very eyes in a sea of corruption.

Please sign our Petition to Congress and state and federal prosecutors:

  • to stop the practices of mass purging of voters;
  • to investigate and prosecute such mass voter suppressions;
  • to adopt a system of transparent and verifiable elections based on paper ballots;
  • to ban the use of electronic voting machines using privately-owned software in all federal elections;
  • to investigate and prosecute the illegal destruction of paper ballots;
  • to overturn felony disenfranchisement and restore voting rights.

In its 5 to 4 decision, Husted, Ohio Secretary of State v. A. Philip Randolph Institute, the Supreme Court opened the door wide for election officials to engage in the mass purging of American citizens from the voting rolls.

Such purging of voter rolls is being used to suppress the vote for progressive candidates. That’s what happened in a number of states to suppress the vote for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primaries. Last October 2017, the New York City Board of Elections admitted in a civil consent decree to purging more than 200,000 citizens from the voting rolls in the days before New York’s presidential primary. And there were numerous reports of similar purging of voting rolls in other New York counties that day.

But the U.S. Justice Department and the New York Attorney General agreed to do next to nothing. Nobody got fired and nobody got prosecuted.

When we sweep these election frauds under the rug, we normalize election rigging in the future. It’s not a surprise that the practice continues. Over 100,000 citizens were purged from the voting rolls in California’s recent June 2018 primary. Many of those who are purged show up to the polls to vote only to be given provisional ballots that are often not counted at all!

States like Ohio claim that the mass purging is necessary to remove the recently deceased from the rolls. But most of those purged are not dead. They are people who lost interest in voting years ago, because they haven’t seen enough of a difference between Democrats and Republicans on the issues that matter most to them in their everyday lives.

Voter suppression is part of the New Jim Crow — whether by the hypocrisy of felony disenfranchisement or by purging voter rolls. In each, those who are purged are more likely to be racial and ethnic minorities and more likely to be underpaid working folks.

No, most of the citizens who are being purged from voting rolls are not dead. They’ve simply been asleep and now are waking up! And that’s why both party establishments want to keep them from voting.

We have no democracy as long as American citizens are denied the right to vote and are denied the right to have their ballots counted when they do vote.

WE HEREBY PETITION the government for the redress of these grievances:   

WE PETITION the U.S. Congress to hold public hearings on the many defects and frauds in our election systems, and to effectively overturn the Supreme Court’s Husted decision through legislation to prevent the mass purging of citizens from voting rolls in the future.

WE PETITION the U.S. Congress to overturn felony disenfranchisement and restore voting rights for all citizens who have fully served their sentences.

WE PETITION the U.S. Justice Department and State Attorneys General to investigate and prosecute voter suppression, including the mass purging of citizens from the voter registration rolls.

There is a growing consensus among election experts that electronic voting systems are inherently insecure, they can be hacked and their software easily manipulated to alter election results. We have had enough with a privatized election system that relies on private “closed access proprietary software” computer software for electronic voting machines – software that no one is allowed to inspect, not even the courts. We need an election system that’s transparent and verifiable.

That’s why preserving actual paper ballots cast is so important, as required under state and federal laws. And when election officials illegally destroy such ballots, there must be consequences.

WE THEREFORE PETITION the U.S. Justice Department and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate the Broward County Supervisor of Elections for the illegal destruction of all the original paper ballots cast in the August 30, 2016 Democratic primary between Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and progressive challenger Tim Canova. Although she admitted to the illegal destruction of ballots and evidence, and concealed such destruction for months, the Supervisor remains in office with an annual salary of $177,628.

WE FURTHER PETITION the U.S. Congress to pass legislation that requires our elections to be truly transparent, trackable and verifiable, based on 100% paper ballots, counted by hand in public — as was the practice in our country for more than two hundred years. In addition, Congress should provide for electronic back-up risk-limiting audits, either with “open source” software or by blockchain technology.

WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are waking up and we are resolved to restore a true system of representative democracy.